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Canadian Relief of Somalia

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Canadian Relief of Somalia (CARES) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to healthcare and education through recovery and redistribution of used or surplus medical supplies, equipment, books, school facility, school supplies and training of healthcare personnel for the Federal Government of Somalia which is coming out of 30 years of civil war.

CARES will facilitate the development and provision of training programs for medical equipment repair technicians and hospital managers responsible for maintenance, repair and calibration of medical equipment.

CARES will also help supply prescription drugs to pharmacies throughout Somalia.

CARES will operate in three main areas: Training and Education, Medical Services, and Community Development.

Donate Medical Equipment


CARES invites hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, manufacturers, individuals and other healthcare organizations to donate medical equipment to qualified healthcare facilities in medically underserved communities in Somalia.


Our Impact


We’re committed to measuring progress towards our goals each fiscal year.


Board of Directors


Meet the ambitious people behind CARES.